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We are a Distech Controls Authorised System Integrator

Distech Controls provides unique building management technologies known for innovative and "Open" solutions. Founded in 1995 and head-quartered in Montreal, Canada the organisation is a subsidiary of Acuity Brands Lighting Inc.

HTML5 stunning and intuitive interface

ECLYPSE ECY-303 Controller

One Device - Many functions

HVAC + Lighting +

Physical Input/Output +

Native BACnet B-BC profile +

HTML5 Graphic Web Server +

RS485 Modbus Integration +

RESTful API  data sharing +

= Cost effective, energy efficient solutions

Our Distech Controls solutions with a focus on IoT incorporating the native BACnet ECLYPSE range of controllers and RESTful API offer infinite opportunities for data sharing and cross discipline collaboration in modern buildings.


° IoT ((Internet of Things)

° BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks)

° RESTful API (Representational state transfer application programming interface)


The Distech Controls ECLYPSE platform is a modular, scalable solution with in-built web server graphic design and visualization interface.


Unparalleled Openness

BACnet compliant devices must satisfy minimum criteria in order to be certified as a specific BACnet profile. Not all competing devices on the market are of equal levels of compliance. The ECLYPSE platform exceeds the criteria of the highest (most open and interoperable) category of BACnet compliant building controller. It is a B-BC category device.


B-BC: BACnet “Building Controller”

 All Services included in B-AAC and B-ASC

 Client Read/Write Property

 Trending

 Initiate Who-Is (DDB) & Who-Has (DOB)

 Backup & Restore

 Establish Connection for Routing

Distech Controls ECLYPSE series controllers offer unparalleled openness.


(Application Programming Interface)


A RESTful API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data.


Representational state transfer (REST), which is used by browsers, can be thought of as the language of the Internet. Now that cloud usage is on the rise, various application programming interfaces (APIs) are emerging to expose Web services and REST is a logical choice for building APIs that allow end users to connect and interact with cloud services. RESTful APIs are used by many sites, including Google, Amazon, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Your own app

myDC app

It is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language, the code that describes web pages. It's actually three kinds of code in one: HTML, which provides the structure; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for presentation; and Java Script that makes things happen.


What's so great about HTML5?

HTML5 has been designed to deliver almost everything you would want to do online without requiring additional software such as browser plug-ins. It does everything from animation to apps, music to movies, and can also be used to build incredibly complicated applications that run inside your browser.


There's more. HTML5 is not proprietary, so you don't need to pay royalties to use it. It's also cross-platform, which means it doesn't care whether you are using a tablet, smartphone, netbook, notebook, ultrabook, Smart TV or desktop PC.


What does HTML5 do?

We've come a long way since HTML could barely handle a simple page layout. HTML5 can be used to write web applications that still work when you're not connected to the net; to tell websites where you are physically located; to handle high definition video; and to deliver extraordinary graphics.


An HTML5 web server built in to the ECLYPSE controller provides beautiful and feature rich graphics without any supervisory software installation necessary.

So what is HTML5?

Energy Dashboards & Touch-screen Displays


Visually captivating, interactive and intuitive. Our energy dashboards and touch-screen displays bring a new level of interaction with your building.


Dashboards | Charts | Tables | Schedules | Calenders |Reports | Dynamic and Responsive Schematics | Heat, Humidity & Energy Mapping | Graphic Record & Playback | Google Maps | Online Weather  and so much more.


Add a permanently connected IP internet address and move your building energy management into IoT. Interrogate your system and make educated decisions from a smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.


Browsers are phasing out Java compatibility rendering many existing alternatives obsolete long before building operators and vendors anticipated. Our solutions are configured in HTML 5 ensuring your investment is supported by all browsers both now and into the future.


AX and N4 Frameworks


Our integration solutions using Distech Controls are built on the award winning Niagara platform. The Niagara Framework platform provides endless opportunities for system integration and cross discipline interoperability.


The platform enables our solutions to integrate seamlessly with other building energy management system vendors enabling retrofit or enhancement works to be completed with minimal disruption and unnecessary obsolescence of existing installed equipment.


In addition we have the ability to provide connectivity to other intelligent devices such as Chillers, Generators, Electrical Switchboards, Metering and Data Cabinets over multi protocols simultaneously as though installed as a single vendor solution.


All building data is normalised and accessed via one common supervisor.

EC-BOS-8 - built on Tridium Niagara N4 Framework

Open connectivity

Open ingenuity

Open choice

EC-BOS-3 - built on Tridium Niagara AX Framework